Boston. Architects. Nagel, Charles

Mr. Nagel practiced architecture in Boston and St. Louis from 1927-1942, taking time out, from 1930-1936, to serve as curator of decorative arts at the Yale Art Gallery. He was the former di- rector of the Brooklym Museum and other art institutions. He died of pneumonia, at 93 years of age, in Marion, Mass. on February 25, 1992,

Obituary: NYT, 2/27/92 p. B6

ی‎ —— Partners, Chester Nagel Mn Da, Maley, Form Mio m Gt fide (med Me?)

لمي نفس Not‏

7 Boston. Architect. Naimo, Joseph

Engineer partner of Eastern Assocs.

Beto «Que. . ALAN 5

1145 Du : Ledo s ` Thad, 153 Sie.

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45 7 Hate Ou: 10 Tuwad mat as Da س‎

Bostone Arch. Naschold, Jacob

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, 19 Dell St. nr Dorchester Ave. Dorch. for Joseph J. Stewart, 1889

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Mts Da

(955 Khan 21 ی‎ woe, Qed iu: <

11789 D سب‎

Boston. Arch. Neal, B.W,

2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, l7 Dracut St. Dorch. for Mrs. Lizzie C. Burleigh 1890

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Bldre Neal & Preble

3 story 1 fame brick dwelling, 404 Marlborough Ste for Charles E. Cotting

Arch: Snell & Gregerson 1888

Ref: BldreInsp+Repe (see address card)


Boston. Bldr. Neal & Preble

2-3 story brick stable & coachman's rooms, 330 Newbury St. for C.U. Cotting

Arch: Snell & Gregson 2

Ref: see address card

Bostone Bldre Neal & Preble

7 story brick offices and stores, 75. Boylston Ste and 1-3 Carver Ste for Henry Lee & al. Trustees Arch: Snell & Grererson 1889

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Arche Nealand, John

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, Bennington St. from 35 Byron St. B.B, for Sarah Fairclough 1889

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bade, Quast, Ña Ra, €.

Waka 9 Let Fuel - agus ON C facia padn y

Ses Auld Jed ps kn Sees

Bostone Arch. Neeland, M.

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, 18 Elmont nr Waterloo Dorch. for Mrs. Phoebe Hill 1891

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Fep. (see address card)

Boston. Archtitect. Neily, Bob

"Restoration and Renovation of Memorial Hall" with Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates

see ARCH. RECORD July 1996 pp.94-99 "Honor Awards/ Arch itecture' ARCHITECTURAL RECORD May

1997 p.70 int. photo NA1.A6

Boston. Architect. Neiley, Robert G.

Restoration architect with Venturi, Scott Brown & Associates and Brunner/Cott & Associates for Harvard University's Memorial Hall

REF: ARCHITECTURAL RECORD July 1996 pp.94-99 photos, section, plan NA1.A6

Ass Qu 1904 Qu. Boll Mido | (Ro lwad

Co 43:

Bostone Bldr. Neilson, Carl S.

two 2 story 1 fam. wood dwellings, Mountain Ave. nr Lauriat Ave. Dorch, for self Arch: A.B. Fisher 1893

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Bostone Bldre Neilson, Carl

2 story 2 fame wood dwelling, Willowwood Ste nr Ballou Ave. Dorche for self

ArchsA.B. Fisher 1896

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston. Architect. Robert G. Neiley Architects. Winners (with co-designers Amsler Hagenah MacLean)

of a 1988 Boston Export Award.for the Balfour-Hood Campus Center at Wheaton College.

ref: BSA CHAPTERLETTER (May 1988) p. 8. B&W photo.

Kae ston heel, 4$ dst Os vielen Nuke du f

موه re arc Was‏ کلم ۱55 GË‏ مهم مالیا Koc 46‏ اند KNN kuke, ven destan‏ Mesa ball‏ و مور( > c she Ne‏

et RA Char S te (Nov ec? e

Boten. keh. Paley, Cot

ute Amsler Hago Wale, Wiwa

rech Ss im (UX No Ent a ES AW. Ses qo. eed for ds ate Ge

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b. qe ا‎ 3 Chu aum : e a ag Coma Unrverody )6 keh.) (' so)

corta W mea Archi (9-51) Mad m (951-4)

Dro Aute (1954-55) a Te bs wm تال‎ <) wee REA: Ges ee

Boston. Architects. Neilly, Robert G. Architects

Oversaw re-use study of the Shepherd Brooks Estate, Medford.

REF: report on NA7511.4.M43R63 1991


Bester Ul. معدلا‎

(324-5 din. dren Dollar $ @0 ISS Betten Pan BOL

Boston. Arch. Nelson, A.H.

5 story brick business bldg. 102-10 Cambridge St. cor Irving Ste for Albin D. Puffer 1896

Ref: see address card

Boston. Arch. Nelson, Ann

Newton museum to get a facelift. Ref: Globe, Jan. 10, 1982

Boston Architects File

Boston. Archit. Nelson, Carol Ann

1979: partnér in The Preservation Partnership, 70 W. Central 9t., Natick see firm brochure

Boston. Archit. Charles E, Nelson Associates - 188 Church St., Newton 02158 Tel: 965-4546

Brochure rec'd 5/79

Charles E. Nelson Re Philip Dowds Charles Adams

QC au on €. Nelan, Aawa

Precis noe d ۱ pu CU,

Boton. Whe ct. Nemetz | Sena

lead 4 Rack ba kostovad mn Co,

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ajale. X.‏ روا ©

employ:‏ .يمرن كلا lc Aus. aso.‏ ااا

Boston. Builder. Nesson, Israel Boston. 8-16 Garrison St. 1902.

REF: BLC/St. Botolph Area Study Report, #F73.67.S32R47 1981x

Bostone Bldre Nesson, Israel

3-4 story 3 fame brick dwellings, 9 and 11 Albemarle Ste for self 1900

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Bldr. Nessen, Israel

3-4 story 3 fam. brick dwelling, 21 Fellows St. Roxb. for self

Archs W.E. Clark 1896

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Bostone Arch. Nesson, Israel

12 3 story 3 fam. brick dwellings, St. Botolph St. 1899 Ref: Appl. for Permit to Build

Unmounted Boston File (address )

Reston dt Malen Ostan + Bl 2 Mut din

1974 > من‎ . > Benin SE (em 306,

Boston. Arch. Nervi, Pier Luigi

Pier Luigi Nervi dies, noted Italian architect. Ref: N.Y. Times (Herald) 1/10/79

Architect 1 man file


Principal of The Architects Collaborative See architect cards.

(Sorten. Queue . Povin en), Chado K. 8.

Reston | o O ۲7-۱۱ . Rock ae eme?

aston. elit Noin, Chase K. B,

Ass AIS Da. ما‎ rauen km 105

AU Du š b Qee en, Pn A ox [195 Qua tt W عيرم‎ 123 ۱146 D

Nevins, Charles

see Boston, MA - Bromfield St.

(stan tet Yow Buaten (ines. C 9 لمصعحلس‎ | | GOU, ap to +

۱1 expe? a sad can عضا‎ Bakiu Blake Co ¡rad

Boston. Architects. New England Regional Council.

The New England Regional Council was given an AIA Component Award for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill's Harvard/Brattle Temporary Station in Cambridge, Mass.

Ref. AIA Journal May و1983‎ 5 (4092.208)

Bostone Blär. Newby, Thos, H.

two 3 story 3 fame wood dwellings, 289 & 287 Havre Ste EeBe for John Winston 1888

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Bldre Newby, Thomas He

story 3 fam. wood dwelling, 174 Bennington St

for John F. Wood 1894


BeBe Archs GeHe Wood Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Arche Newby, Thomas He

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, 100 Bennington Ee Be for Edward Cummings 1890

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Bldre Newby, Thomas 3 fam. wood dwelling, 314 Saratora St. E.B. for John McArthur

Archs Joseph S. Eastman 1894

Refs 31dg.Insp.Repe (see address card)



Bostone Bldre Newby, Thomas

3 story 3 fame wood dwelling, Byron St. cor Homer St. EeBe for Silas Boise Arch: Joseph S. Eastman 1891

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)


Bostone Bldre Newby, Thomas Me

3 story 2 fame store and dwelling, Bennington St. core Prescott St. E.B. for John Mulloy Arch: Pe Eastman 1891

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (seefddress card)

Bostone Bldre Newby, Thomas He

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, Saratoga St. nr Swift St. E.B. for Catherine McHugh, Archs J.S. Eastman 1891

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Saratoga St. nr Wordworth St. E.B, for Mabel Powers, 1894

Refs 8ldpg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Bldr. Newby, Thomas

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, Morris St. nr Border St. E.B. for Andrew Nelson 9

Ref: see address card

Rosen . Me . السمعميوا ك-‎ A.P.

NATO. AS 5 dm. ی‎ Maa, Juno مسالل‎ Y uet en gir

Boston. Architect. Newcomb, :.1.P.

3-story brick studio & office bldg. for I.M. Gaugengigl, 5 Otis Place, 1895. Archit. Newcomb; builder A. Hatha- way,

Ref: PRODUCER & BUILDER, Jan. 15, 8895, (peh)


Bostone Arche Newcombg, E.H.

4 story 1 fame brick dwelling, 465 Beacon Ste for Mrs. Hollis Bradbury 1888

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe

"oston. Architect. Newcomb, ۰

1881 5 Pemberton Sq 1870 EP (L Newcomb & Son) 12 West 187), TAP (TIT) 5 Pemberton Sq. 1875 "t 1879 ۱۳ ۱۷۲ 1880 EAP Newcomb, archit, 5 Pemberton Sq. (L. continued at same address, but separate listing) 1882 same as 1881 (no L) n

1893 " و‎ Levi Newcomb & Co. also 1895 TAP Newcomb, 110 Tremont 1898 " "

1901 EAP removed to Holuto, Hawaii

Boston, Arch. Newcomb, E.A.

2 story one fam. wood dwelling for W.A, Coythrey Georgia St. nr Montana St. Roxbe 1889

Ref: Blds.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Arch. Newcomb, E.A.

2 story wooden dwelling, 19 Tremlett St. for Wm. A. Morris, 1886

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Quel odas. , 1-13 Dmaretad SP, Word 1“ , SSO (Em adders)

ARCHITECT. E.A.P. Newcomb. le

Boston. House for Charles i. Morse, Savin Hill Ave. Dorchester, c. 1888. Boston. House for W.J. Cobill, West Roxbury, c, 1890, Boston. Puilding for Moses B+ Wildes estate, Cambridge and Garden Sts., c. 1890. Boston. House for Sm, A. Couthouy, Georgia °t, (Elm Hill), Roxbury, c. 1892, Boston. House for George A.0. Ernst, Robeson ®t., Jamaica Plain, c. 189. Boston. House for William A. Morris, 19 Tremlett St., Dorchester, 1886

Architecte Newcomb, E. Ae Pe

Boston. House for F. G. Macomber, 463 Beacon, 1887 Boston. House for A.G. Weeks, 465 Beacon, 1887 Boston. House for J.B. Ames, 301-3 Marlborough, 1877 Boston, House for J.B. Ames, 291-296 Marlborough, 1877

Boston. Swedish Society Chapel., Emerald St.,

c. 1880 (CHURCHES) Bostom--House for Veneral Hazard Stevens, Mb, Bedoin— Aves, Dorohewter=s2880

Boston. Apartment for Mr. White, Center and Heath Sts وه‎ c. 1888.

Bostone Arch. Newcomb, E.A.Pe

2 story l fam. wood dwelling, 42 Elm Hill Ave. Roxe for Randolph S. Foster 1887

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Bostone Arche Newcomb, ۰

3 story 1 fame wood dwelling, Sutherland Rd, Bre

1 story wood stable, Sutherland Rd, rear core Lanark Rde Brie

for Lillian B, Kelly 1890

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)


Boston. Arch. Newcomb, E.A.P.

dwelline, Southworth St. J.P.

O FS m =) a 3 9 k. 5 a 3 . Hi 28) O "d . ~ u @ 0 LD As eg D O u [6] 2 m $5 D > eas

(Edgar Allen Poe) Architect. Newcomb, E. A. P. bprn 1846, Boston 5 Pemberton Sq. (1895) Damrell. p. 352

S848 Son of Levi Newcomb. SEE:Boston ! 953 Today or Ref, architect's vertical file for biog.

Beaten. Luku. fluscembe E. A.P,

ANR! ete © ۰۳۶۰

Bostone Arche Newcombz;, E.A.

3 story 1 fame brick dwelling, 463 Beacon Ste for FeGe Macomber, 1888

Refs Bldg.InspeRepe' (see address card)

Boston. Architect. Newcomb, E, A. Po

Boston. House for Charles W. Morse, 218 Savin Hill Ave, near Grampian Way, Dorchester, 1888

Boston. Arch. Newcomb, E.A.P.

brick family hotel, 534 Columbus Ave. cor. Worcester St. for Mary M. Adams. 1881


Bostone Arche Newcomb, Ge Ye

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Park St. WeRoxe for W.B. Covell 1890

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Architects. Newcomb, H (7) & Sons

house at 30 Melville Avenue see: Boston, Address,

Apion Odd, Naser C. ام‎ €. ISIS . Lb Nem : Son s جلت‌لسه؟‎ Sy Sn 8) Law véi 1:35 ر سفق‎ S Combes,

Sis Du: No EET) Cum. 7

Mos ۴ ==

Newcomb, Edgar Allan Poe

Boston. Bldr. Newcomb, Harry H.

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, Moreland St. nr Demis St. Rox. for self

Arch: A.B. Pinkham 1892

Ref: see address card

Boston. Archi tec te Newcourt, Levi & Sons.

Boston. Modern Theatre, 525 Washington St., 1876

Architect. Newcomb, Levi (1822- Oct. 1898) 8 Exchange Pl. Damrell.

Withey. Refs Obit. American Archit & Bldg news, 10/28/1898; Item, ibid, 5/10/1879.

Architect. Newcomb, Levi (1822-0ct. 1898) Obit. Am.Archit & Bldg News 10/28/1898

Boston, Hotel Bristol, Clarendon & Boylston, 1876 orQ9ə

Boston. Boston & Lowell RR Station, Causeway St,

Y cn Ja Uu verlue Chorcl, (Calo loos 4 Oesch) 157 2


Dorchester. House for General Hazard Stevens, Mt. Bowdoin Ave., c. 1880 Dorchester. Charles Bush and E.S. Farwell (double house), Milville, Ave., c, 1580


Boston, Arch. Newcomb, W.H.

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, 26 Crescent Ave. Dorch. for Laura E. Williams 1900

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Ruston GO. ver QYeAQ Q,

E. A «Hadad opt. Beck, PX . Ro pan y 2 | v a Valo Pu Baad.) 0 a

Bon. ek. Nasal, Lo.

6 5 (we CI " . 27 [Mud Vaso

615 <

Bao, Cachet . Naka, Lowe e.

105 Qu: Toa ` Poyo RL làts Qu Tunel | Rosina ١ Mat Da: A Pak , Qu DN (N)

1135 Dn

ulna m مسسا > مما‎ cj ed با‎ Dän

Architect. Newhall, Louis Chapell (1869-12/26/1925)

Partner in firm of Newhall & Blevins.

Obits American Institute of Architects Jo rnal. die. ۰ .

Yo 2. z. P

(Lek k. uote DO. an Sa sellun Dellan 189 8 Ç Was ka k Ause m Ga. bo 19). )

Vo Ind Ser es

Newhall & Blevins

see Cambridge, MA - Harvard Square

Assoc . ridge. Y.M.C.A., Newhall & Blevins, architects.

Architectural Eeview (102. 205) 1.8.V 1, December 1912:p.1h3

15 Da =

os ٠ A Parte ۱۹۱۰ Da: a Pur

۱۹2 Qu: 4 Port | ۹55 Qu

(ware, Gow , Wed .

Architect. Newhall & Blevins.

Boston, Boston City Clube 19167 /415/, pu Ou 7) Bostone Municipal Gymmasium and Public Baths, East Bostone

Cambridge. Third Congregational Church.

BoE. یل‎ Hen ët Kg, Aerm quarters, Cambridge. Apartment House, c.1922.

Cambridge. Linnean hall

‘Cambridge. Bromley court, c.1909

Cambridge. Burton Halls, c.1909

Cambridge. Washington Cou estos 5 Cambridge. YM... ` c.1912.

A cS

Franklin Owe, (299

ows 130 C Rf ADA “Ce

Tetdork Qe Wuerzel. d aes

Boe OctCeec ele ف‎ Weich ln بام يمر ذم‎ se 7 Ape P

Xa td os ^e. جما‎ GUN.

Nowtect.Mewhall Blevins CAMBRIDGE BUILDINGS

Cambridge savings Bank, 1923, ill 7

83 Brattle St., 1908, i11. 8

1 Waterhouse St., 1916, ill. 3

10 Dana St., 1909, ill. G. 30

Harvard St. Lutheran Church, ill., 637 /^/! YMCA, 1896/1910, ills 16/10;

620 Mass Avenue, 1908, ill., H ll

Ills. from Rettig's Guide to Cambridge Arch.

Architects. Newh-11 & Blevins

Boston. Wm. Lloyd Garrison School, 20 Hutchings St.

Camide. Gao Va aan zb ac, Coons

Boston. Architect. Newhall and Blevins

Cambridge. Harvard Street Lutheran Church


Bostone Bldre Newky, Thomas He

Š story 3 fam. wood dwelling, Saratoga St. nr Swift E.B. for Catherine McHugh

Archg J.S. Eastman 1891

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston, Bldr. Newly, T.H.

2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, Coleridge St. nr Byron St. E.B. for Charles A. Millgrove 1888

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Builder. Newly, Thomas H.

Boston. ‘louse for John Bjorkland, Homer St., near Byron, East Boston, 1888

Boston. Architect. Newman, Elysse

Included in “Visiting Faculty - Architecture" section

HARVARD DESIGN MAGAZINE Fall 2006 / Winter 2007, p. 116 NA1.A12

Boston Arch. New men, Herbert+ S.

estr on Um N <‏ م06۳۲ Pamohs Hall‏

۱۱۱ م۳‎ vens ۱۳0۰/2۹

Arch. Beca @ NOV $2, NA AG

Qe dva. AA. Newman, Herbert 5. Woctheaskem ECO won i مرکا‎ ois Hall.

ve: Liktchitellora n. 2457 (SA e) 005% - .مد‎ BAW bie: eM Hore plis.

Boston. Archutecks. Nes meo, Ro bert R d. /0-2-83 ú Co: under) CA Berenecte fF Meman Professor of ^ at MIT e Men vere Univers: fy £ Gretel Schock d Designo . Seth Notice

Archtechns_ Nov. 1553 +: 9 4 L40923. 205 )

Bostone Arche Newton, C.A.

2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, Cook St. Court, Chase for Francis Batchelder 1888

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston. Architect. Newton, George F.

Melrose. First Baptist Church Newton. Unidentified Unitarian Church


Architecte Newton, George F. (1857-2/13/1947)


Wetlesley. First Congregational Church, Newtone Technical Schoole Longwood. House. c.19C7.

Rg- bir a

A ا‎ Newton , Gene E,

Newton . Fuat Baptist Auch. 8 (Q daska en Asdrentim «y Muo. Quede an & ۹ pe

M 00%. Memorial Hue (aka Vien miles Memonat NZ (mp EIS

Pram Uu. Mulan, Ge ©

1895 Dir: Satam m Qhaeienol + Vat T Muse Haw Ass C زد‎ ©. & ۰۵

[405 Da. 6 Braco, Cm Hoi I

Vis Oa: racon , Em 1101

1126 On < + Cm 1163

1135 œ 7


Obit and photo in GSD NEWS Wint/Spr 1993 p.47

Newton Norman ^,‏ .. ع تايط مهس لمم" میم exe" Ave ron, poster ON Vessan ss‏ IV ١‏ uM pride PPM ele Me coe‏ "ie 42.41.‏ ام(

Boston. Architect. Nicholas, Reed S. Westford, MA

Photocopy of undated sheet on NSRLA letterhead (Nicholas S. Reed, ASLA, Landscape Architect) re Hayes Square / reference to Lu Stubbs’ work at Hayes Square

Artist File. A. (under Stubbs, Lu) (Gift from Lu Stubbs)

Ass ^ ۱ Dearne, nma, Deh A, > Uhu ۱9 ab, Em. a ۱ Š

Boston. Builders. (mason) Nichols, Cushing (1788-1861)

1 of best known masons in Boston for many years. A number of eninent builders served their apprenticeships under him. He moved to NYC where he had acquired much property & began to build dwelling houses "after the Boston patterr the venture was not a financial success. He returned to Bokasset (birthplace) where he died in 1861 @ 73

Obit. in MASS CHARITABLE MECHANIC ASSN ANNALS for 1861 p. 38 (HD6519,875M3

Bostone Arche Nichols و‎ ۰

conversion of dwelling houses into 4 stores, Federal St. oppe Kneeland for T, Willis Pratt brick, 4 stories

Ref: Transcript Supplement, Jane 1870 و1‎ 1 (see address card)

Ostan. Oak. ملاع‎ , EU S Dn

Mes T ao Ki ‚Am Ab

1215 Du ` ١ u km ۲۲ Mau Qu

Bostone Bldre Nichols, GeGe

bldge Union Wharf, Union Wharf Coe 1885

( ee address card (see address

LS Dan. chas, Med | EE [a Unien haf Co, Dy | Conmmmeulf Sra 1), 1886

fs. = Baston Gly 5 الا‎ Mi G-hesliz Nichols - 70 Kıl b ku, 9 صا‎ حا‎ Awad Nichols a PR

Edward elio v mtnlirriad as 00400; 5 Ma white for Soaks Aira adria (cart ans ti Hau, hit ifl was a kul بد‎


Booster Quel. Alicia, Geo lestie

(HS ae

rs Gu: dm D run tos

19 (s Qu

Architect. Nichols, 6. Leslie, 70 Kilby, (1895) Damrell.

Bos tone Bldre Nichols, John Re

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, 75 Bainbridge Ste

for self Archs Samuel J. Brown 1891

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston Architect. Nichols, Norton and Zaldastani, "me, Consulting Structural Sngineers 131 “larendon Street - Boston

Fi.m brochures (2) in Architect Brochure Collection. Contents: 1. Brief resumes of 8 personnel. Projects list. Brief overview of firm. 2. Complete brochure titled "Air Rights pos January 1971, of firm. pe

Bostone Bldre Nichols, P.P.

1 story 1 fame (gambrel) wood dwelling, 17 Sydney St. nr Savin Hill Ave. Dorch. for Charles Me Bugbee

1890 Arche J.G. Eaton

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Arche Nichols, 2.2٠

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, 245 Hancock St. Dorch. for Albert H. Shepard 1889

Refs BldgeInsp.Repe (see address card)

Boston, Bldr, Nichols, P.P.

2 story one fam, wood dwelling, Adams St. nr Center St. Dorch. for Frank L. Nichols, 1889

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Architect. Nichols, Webb

1979: Partner in the Omnium Partnership, 5 North Square, (see firm brochure)

Architects, Nichols, We He

house at 21 Melville Avenue see: Bostone Addresse

Raster, Bueh Mh, UO. H.

oo‏ 5و۳

Mis Qu: 130 Tanod, Rm ۴ a Da ست‎

Bostone Bldr. Nichols, William R,

3 story 3 fam. brick dwelling, 11 Franklin St. Chast. for Edward J. Doherty

Arche C.J. Bateman 1900

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

NE. Architects. Nichols Partnership

RI. Providence. Westin Hotel.

~ Bostone Bldr. Nicholson, Joseph lh story 8 fam. brick apartments, 23 St. Charles St. For A.S. Potter, 1887 Archs Fred Pope

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Architect (Developer). Nicholson, Ronald A.

Brochure detailing properties developed by Ronald A. Nicholson with an April 19, 1983 letter from Ronald A. Nicholson of The Rowes Wharf Company, NYC, to Robert Ryan, Directory, Boston Redevelopment Authority

Filed in Architect Vertical File under Nicholson

Boston. Architect (Developer). Nicholson, Ronald A.

Greenhouse Apartments. Sales brochure (including photographs and floor plans of units), along with a black & white exterior photograph and a color rendering photograph

Architect: Cossutta & Associates

(received with brochure from Ronald A. Nicholson, developer, which is filed separately in Architect Vertical File)

Boston Picture File



. p ( e O k s O t p ) com q " ü 5 C £ > , ٠ $ O 1 1 M A - . ( 4 ۰ E م‎ y { ) . e t toe P o ..

Boston. Architect. Nickerson, C.W. (Builder) 88 Brooks St., East Boston

Boston. House for A.Y. Tewksbury, 215 E. Eagle St, East Boston, 1895

Boston ua. Tekram Col V,

874 ک‎ D: Pree Tulu > um oy Our, [Sd Wach S, e" p

Bam MA : isles , ark V.

BPERE dee و‎ Read Eduard Surs and teal 126 Paalun, Que. Nah. „ma 02148 32[- 322 >

Bostone Bldre Nickerson, John

2 story 2 fam, wood dwelling, Phillips Ave. nr Summit Avee A/B for Frank Bonney

Arche A.G. Brewer 1896

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Architect. Nickols, John

Former office manager of Sert, Jackson & Gourley

Boston. Architect, Nicodemus, Robert

Studied Penn. State Univ, School of Arts & Architecture, B.Arch, 1967


Arrowstreet, Inc. June 1975 to present (1979); Principal & Director since 1976; VP & Treasurer 1977

Environmental Design Group, Inc., 1975-present

Anderson-Notter Associates, Inc., Feb. 1973-June 1975

Perry, Dean & Stewart, Nov. 1970-Feb. 1973

U.S. Army Corps of Engi: neers, Jan. 1968-Nov. 1970

Harbeson, Hough, Levingston, Larson, Phila June 1967-Jan. 1968

Resume (xerox) from Arrowstreet 1979 brochure archit file

Sadon Lust. Micodomu, Rated €. , RA, 19794) Bin. cromber gaat De

Boston. Architect. Nicodemus, Robert

Member of Arrowstreet, Inc., ll Arrow St., Cambridge

Boston. Archteets, Nielsen Mark Jens

Addrorad - SA Looga St, Boston Tllustrations | ono of (alusta MA house yn Compart Houoe Book (19453) NATIOS , Ces 1183, pp ۰

Bostone Bldre Nielson Carl S.

2 story 2 fam. wood dwelling, Lauriat Ave. nr Mountain Ave. Dorche for self

Arche A.B. Fisher 1893

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)


` Allston, MA 02134

Jem 787-2720

` proprietorship - 1966

Israel Nigrosh MA m/d/p/s/c/ ۰ Architectural 1 Current % Projected % i Commercial, Office, Retail 15 20 ؟‎ Housing 50 45 industrial 20 20 < Medical 5 5 * interior Design " 10 10

Massachusetts 80% - Other U.S. 20%

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Boston, Bldr. Nilsen, John R,

3 story wood dwelling, 49 Chelsea St. Chast. for Patrick Riordan 1886

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)



Designed the nw corporate office and industrial facility for Watertown Supply, and is designing a new MRI Facility for New England Memorial Hospital


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Architect. Nimmons Carr & Wright.

See: Boston Picture File. Buildings A-Z. Sears, Roebuck & Cos

Bostone Bldr. Nisbet, James We

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Bushnell nr Beale Ste Dorche for self

Arch: Bradford Hamilton 1892

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston. ‘rchit. Hizel, Bobert Y.

Member of Architectural Resources Cambridge, Inc. SEE: Archit. File for biog. info.


Small b&w photo in BSA CHAPTERLETTER Sept. 1991 p.10

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Bostone Bldr. Noble, FeLe

two 5 story brick 5 fam. dwellings, Cunard St. Columbus Ave. Ext. & Tremont St. for self Arch: E.P. Morse 1896

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Bldr. Noble, George A.

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, Ocean St. nr Welles Ave. Dorch. for Edward W. Clark

Arch: Arthur H. Vinal 1890

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Bldr. Nicholas, William Re

3 story 3 fam. wood dwelling, 57 Corey St. Chas. for Mary J. Moore 1897

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bos tone Bldre Noble, George As

2 story 1 fame wood dwelling, Berkshire St. cor Westmoreland St. Dore for Charles We Byrnes Arch: Edwin J. Lewis Jre 1889

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

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Boston, Bldr. Nolan, John

2 story 2 fam. att. wood dwelling, 748 E. 3rd St. So.B. for R. McCormick 1890

Ref: see address card

Boston. Area mecT (La عم مع كدان‎ J ۷ PLANES) NOLEN, JOHN .


Several obits. Rom Avery Obit Tax: ` Bech Read April 1937 8م‎ Wagarine af Art Mor las" p-186 J88 Ach Forum ` Bee) 19437 e"

Ve Builder mar 5,1137 p. S34 De Plenner’s | e rnac-Bpr1437 p. 5 S7 Planning t Dr ` + Civic Comment Jan-Mar 1937 p. 3- 38

Boston, ceste A (landscep2) Nolen, Sohn. Tha bech مس‎ to dad insaf arclusive ۳ A Jom E | CX quee (9) e WAS AN Lane l ve uu in planning ع ممع‎ site gals Ark ی‎ N dee Ban, Zi

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y herd Morente Crew 25 Ç Dey let, S Bestim Ma. 0310 ¿bb 3297

B ostone Arche Norcross, Albert He

2 story 1 fem. wood dwelling, Bradbury St. nr Mansfield Ste Bre for self 1889

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see &ddress card)

Beiter, Qed. A ممهدعحها‎ €. B.

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IAUS Da: 43 (462) Ceu, Ema 510 ۱۹26 Dan: و‎ Reacen @ 1103 MS Oh, 46 nAdA Cin 510

Boston. Arch. Norcross, Fred A.

Boston Architect Succumbsto Heart Attack Ref: Transcript, 11/18/1929

Boston Architects Pile

Bostone Arch. Norcross, F.A.

4 story brick tenement house, 38-40 Grove St. (Beacon Hill) for Sarah Silberstein 1900

Ref: BldgeInsp.Repe (see address card)

Boston. A,chitect. Norcross, F.

Boton. Comique Theatre, 1906

Boston. Star Theatre (later known as: Rialto; Scollay Rialto), 1907

Boston. Architect. Norcross, F.

Boston. Comique Theatre, 1906 (Destroyed) Boston. "Canal Street Trust" Bldg., 53-85 Canal St., 1916

Bostone Arche Norcross, F.A.

4 story brick tenement and stores, 108 Brighton St. W.End for Lazar Cohen 1896

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Boston. Arch. Norcross, F.A.

two با‎ story با‎ fam. & 1 store brick bldgs. 99 and 101 Charles St. for Harris Tarlinsky 1903

Ref: see address card

Boston. Arch. Norcross, F.A.

3 story 1 store brick bldg. با با‎ Phillips St. for Julius Krinsky 1903

Ref: see address card

Boston. Arch. Norcross, F.A.

3 story 3 fam. brick dwelling store, 11-16 Anderson St. for Max Bef@nson, 1901

Ref: see address card

Bostone Arche Norcross, FeAe

5 story brick dwelling and store, 24 Anderson St. (Beacon Hill) for Louis Zreiman & Morris Seiral 1900

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Bostone Arche Norcross, F.Àe

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, 39 Aldin St. All. for James .ل‎ Wingate, 1896

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

Boston. Arch. Norcross, F.A.

3 story 3 fam. brick dwelling, 21 Pembroke St. for Esther Chaun (sp?) 1900

Ref: see address card

Architecte Norcross, F. A.

Boston, 29-unit apartment, 524 Beacon, 1912.

Bostone Arche Norcross, F.A.

3 story 3 fam. brick dwelling & store, 82 Phillips St. (Beacon Hill) for Max Bratkoysky 1900

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

Bostone Arch. Norcross, F.A,

3 story brick apt. bldg. 16 Seaver St. Rox. for Joseph Newman 1911

Ref: Bldg.Permit, Inspectional Services Dept. City Hall, Boston.

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Bostone Arche Norcross, FeAe

2 1/2 story wooden 2 fam. dwelling, 6 Gayland Ave. Rox. for F.E. Blanchard 1900

Ref: BldgeInspeRep.e (see address card)

Bosen Out. Nene eso. Els, ele A. Pirtti . | 25 5-۱26۷ Pre cam s.


Bostone Arche Norcross, Fede

Two 3 story 3 fame brick dwellings, 52 and 54 Irving Ste BeHill, for Morris Greenstein 1900

Ref: BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

* c f 2 جه م جوم مد‎ sa Á Bostone Arch. Norcross, F.A.

are N" s Dap ds Merrac ۹ 2 story wooden dwelling, Cam>ridge Terrace near

a Cambridge St, Allst, for John Williams, 1897

Ref: 31dg.Insp.Repe (see address card)

Boston, Arch. Norcross, F.A,

3 story 3 fam. 1 store brick bldg. 6 Grove St. for William White 1899

Ref: see address card

Boston. Arch. Norcross, F.A.

3 story 3 fam. brick dwelling, 100 Myrtle St. for White & Dobkin 1900

Ref: see address card

Bostone Arche Norcross, مه‎

2 story wood dwelling, Mansfield Ste oppe Alcott Ste Bre for Charles E. Churchill 1897

Refs Bldg.InspeRepe (see address card)

Boston. Arch. Norcross, F.A.

2 story 1 fam. wood dwelling, North Beacon St. nr Union Sq. All. for F.E. Judson 3

Ref: Bldg.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

See Fred ۸۰۸۵۲۵55 cord c obit. ۳ VE

3ostone Arche Norcross, F.Ae s

3 story brick dwellings & store, 722 and 724 Shawmut Avee for William White 1900

Refs BldgeInspeRepe (see address card)

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Boston. Builder. Norcorss, O. W.

"O.W. Norcrossg Richardson's 'Master Builder': A Prelimin ary Report", by James F, O'Gorman, SAH JOURNAL, May 1973

Boston. @y. der. Norcross Bros. (Worcester, Mass.)

Constructed following bldes: Trinity Church Exchange Bldg Ref: Damrell. p. 368 Ames Building Ames Building (Lincoln St.) Tremont Bldg Devonshire Bldg see O.W., Nov cross,

Boston. Bldr. Norcross Brothers

The Exchange Building 53 State Street 1887 Arche Peabody Stearns Refs BLC Repo 1979

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Reference Desk

stone Bldre Norcross Brose

§ story bri cor Sonia S 1

Archs Shepley

ck mercantile offices, 171 t. for Richard Bradley

N 5 Rutan é

& Coolidge

Tremont Ste Trustee 1890

Refs Bldg.Insp.Rep. (


idress card)


Boston, Bldre Norcross Bros, 3 story brick dwelling for Mrs. John H. Andrew, Hereford St. cor. Commonwealth Aves Arch: McKim, Mead and White 6

Ref: Bldr.Insp.Rep. (see address card)

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Ar St. Nordau, kanyos N Padua Pound, Ts Quella _

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Boston. ‘rchit. Nordquist, Lawrence H. Principal in The Architects-Desisners Coalition, Inc.

Biog. info in firm brochure (rec'd 1980)

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Architect. Norman, John 1746? -1817

8090A.50 (Rare Bk Dept): The town & country builder's assistant

۱۱۵86۰122 Hart, Charles. Some notes concerning John Norman

H.85.90 (Rare Bk Dept) Impartial history,...e c. engraved by Norman


Appointed Director of Professional Services at Elkus/Manfredi (small b&w photo)




1 story wooc store for Cyrus Dupe St. nr Harvard St. 9 Ref: InspeRepe (ses address


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Rasan, Aad, Nemo, E dear

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Boston. Architect. Norris, Y. “dgar